5 August 2014


i've been making a load of gifs recently which hopefully will lead to me making a short animation, see more of them on  my tumblr here....fastSHORTSgif

25 July 2014


FREE SHIPPING this weekend on everything in my online shop, use dicount code: FREERIDE freeSHIPPING

15 July 2014


some tips and advise about collage illustration from myself and some other very talented collage folk up on the Digital Arts magazine site which you can find here...digitalARTStips

30 June 2014


Some of my work in the new 'cut out for collage' book by spanish publishers Index Book. it features a great selection of collage artist from around the world and is available online here... cutOUTspread1 cutOUTspread2 cutOUTforCOLLAGE book

24 June 2014


i'm having a summer studio clear out, listed a load of new and older collages online for sale have a look here....

30 May 2014


Italian friends i created a load of new collage pieces for this exhibition, it was great fun working on this project so go have a peek, i'll be posting up photos of my work soon. more info about the show here.....casaTESTORI